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Love Crystal Set - Crystals for Love

Love Crystal Set - Crystals for Love

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Welcome to our Love Crystal Set! This handpicked collection of crystals for love has been specially chosen to promote love and positivity in your life. Whether you're looking to attract new love or strengthen current relationships, these crystals are the perfect tool for manifesting love and harmony.

The set of 5 crystals in this collection have been carefully curated to compliment and amplify your well being. The perfect gift to treat yourself or gift to someone

Our Love Crystals includes a variety known for their healing properties. Each crystal has been handpicked for its unique energy and beauty, making this set truly one-of-a-kind kit.

5 love crystals that inspire love whether you are looking for a romantic partner, loyal friendships, self love or just the overall energy of love in your life!

ROSE QUARTZ for love.
Promoting self love on all levels and attracting love. The stone of unconditional love.

AMETHYST for tranquillity
Elevating love and happiness whilst protecting from negative energy. The stone of the love goddess, Venus.

CITRINE for happiness
Helping manifest love into our lives by attracting the people and situations that will allow love and happiness to blossom.

Supporting growth and luck in love. It helps with confidence which increases your luck and motivates you to attract new love.

CARNELIAN for passion
Bringing a bit of spice into a relationship by enticing us to try new things


Your polished crystal tumble stones (20-30mm) have been consciously sourced and intuitively chosen from our stock and cleansed for 24 hours in a selenite bowl before shipping to you or the recipient.

Also included

Jute drawstring bag for safekeeping
Crystal information

The images do not show the actual size, colour or shape of the stone that will be sent. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical. Each pocket stone is unique so do expect variance in size, shape, and colour from stone to stone. Natural stones formed over millions of years and will have small imperfections such as inclusions, pits, or markings within the crystal itself which are part of their natural beauty and as nature intended. Tumbling stones may polish off most imperfections but not always all of them. This does not affect the healing properties in any way. Group images are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes, colours and shapes available,

The use of crystals is not meant to replace conventional medicines and is not a prescription or treatment. Please seek medical advice if needed.

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