Who We Are

Crafting a Creative Journey

Introducing the new, more adventurous me! After spending decades navigating through various industry sectors - from engineering and manufacturing to logistics and e-commerce - I've decided it's high time to embrace my creative side. And I must admit, I'm absolutely loving this transformation!

So, where does this exciting new journey begin? Well, it starts with candle making - a delightful fusion of creativity and scientific precision. Little did I know just how intricate the art of candle making could be. Balancing the perfect cold and hot throws, meticulously measuring fragrance oil to soy wax by weight, and mastering the art of temperature control during the melting, mixing, and pouring process – it's like a carefully choreographed dance. Oh, and let's not forget the crucial selection of the right-sized wick for each container. Phew!

One of the most gratifying aspects of curating our candle-making kits has been handpicking the most exquisite fragrance oils. It's incredibly heartwarming to see how well they've been received by my dear family, friends, and now by you, my valued customers.

Thanks to the unexpected gift of time that the 2020 lockdown offered, I was able to lay the foundation for the Rocco and Arlo shop. Without that pause, I might never have unearthed this hidden wellspring of ideas bubbling inside me. As a result, our offerings are expanding beyond candles. We've recently introduced macrame feather-making kits, and I've even dusted off my digital Photoshop skills to create downloadable digital prints for the shop.

Be sure to favorite our shop and listings to stay in the loop as our product range blossoms. There's no telling where my newfound creativity will take us. For instance, I've developed a passion for abstract acrylic painting and photography, and our dog walks along the enchanting North East England coast often lead to exciting beachcombing adventures, where I collect beautiful sea glass and pebbles.

But that's not all! I'm genuinely excited to see your photos and hear your feedback on your experiences with our macrame and candle-making kits. Tag us on Instagram at @RoccoandArlo or use the hashtag #RoccoandArlo to share your creations with our community.

I can't wait to connect with you and embark on this creative journey together. Your support means the world to me.

With much love, Maria x