Citrine - The Stone of Success

Citrine is associated with the Air Element and therefore with the star signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. A citrine crystal is for anyone who looking to manifest success and happiness as it has a joyful energy as it possesses healing properties of the sun. It is believed to assist in manifesting prosperity, success and abundance. No wonder it is know as the Stone of Success.
Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity, and encourages self-expression. Enhances concentration and revitalises the mind. It releases negative traits, depression, fears, and phobias. Emotionally balancing.⁠ 

Citrine is popular among those who believe in the power of natural materials. It is the stone of prosperity, wealth, protection, and good luck. It is believed that citrine keeps bad things away from your life and shines a light on the toughest of situations.⁠

🤍 Abundance
🤍 Creativity⁠
🤍 Optimism

Did you know?⁠
Appreciation for Citrine goes back to at least 300 and 150 BC in ancient Greece and has carried on throughout the ages. Surviving data shows 17th-century Scottish men used citrine to decorate their weapons. The Victorians and 1920s socialites also wore elaborate citrine jewellery.⁠
⁠Citrine is contained in many of our Zodiac Crystal Sets 
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